5 Strongest Dividend Stock Companies During 2020 Crisis

5 Strongest Dividend Stock Companies During 2020 Crisis

The year 2020 tough us a lot about how the world can suddenly fall into the abyss. At the end of the year, this was true for many dividends paying stock companies. However, some companies proved to be resilient even to these challenges. These are the ones that should be in your long-term portfolio. The good news is that you probably already have some of them under your umbrella. Among many, two factors made this resilience possible. One is a diversified business model. The other is the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Here is the list.

  1. Home Depot or other home improvement companies. 

Specifically, Home Depot gained 25% in 2020.

  1. Microsoft or other software companies

Any world change may surge demand for their services, which was particularly true for 2020. Microsoft gained 38% this year.

  1. Nike or another retail brand with a successful online strategy

Nike gained 37% this year.

  1. Enbridge or another strong energy provider for homes and transport

Enbridge gained 8% this year.

  1. Walmart or other essential goods company

These were the only companies that worked pretty much normally throughout the year. Walmart gained 23% this year.


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