Adventures of a Rubber Ducky

Adventures of a Rubber Ducky

Meet Rick. Rick is a baby boy. He has a Rubber Ducky. It is his favourite toy and he takes it wherever he goes. This year, he and his family went on a cruise ship.


Usually, Rubber Ducky likes to go everywhere with Rick, but this time Rubber Ducky wanted to go on an adventure of its own. It wanted to see the world and experience life alone without the family.


One day when they were going to lunch on the upper deck, Ducky decided to escape. When Rick wasn’t looking Ducky took its chance and jumped overboard to the sea.


After happily saying goodbye to the cruise ship, Ducky soon found itself in deep sea waters. While drifting at sea it enjoyed the way the sun changed the colour of the sea during sunset. Ducky also loved that there was nothing around it, but the horizon. It helped Ducky feel complete freedom.


Leaving the sea behind Ducky visited huge waterfalls in Canada. It was amazed by how huge and fast the water flew and how fresh the air smelled near the waterfalls. It gave Ducky a real sense of excitement and adventure.


Travelling along Ducky decided to explore the rivers in America. Ducky found them quite dangerous with big animals hiding away. At the same time not knowing what it will discover next filled Ducky with mystery and curiosity. Ducky decided to be brave and explored hundreds of muddy rivers.


After America Ducky wanted to completely change the climate and ended up in Asia. Ducky was amazed at the long rains that fell from the sky like showers. Every drop was separate and the pouring rain felt gentle on the skin. Ducky found peace and serenity in this land.


Next Ducky decided to visit hot springs in Europe. There Ducky spent its days in warm healing waters, steamed baths, and in the fresh air. It all made Ducky feel relaxed, cared for, and important. After such a lovely time, Ducky felt like its journey came to an end and decided to go home.


At last, Ducky was happy to be back home in shallow waters. Ducky told everything about its adventures to Rick during bath time.


Ducky told Rick how running water reminds it of waterfalls.


Ducky explained how a running shower reminds it of rains in Asia.


Ducky said that warm water reminds it of hot springs in Europe.


And Ducky said that draining water reminds it of the rivers of America.


Ducky also told Rick that nothing out there could make him feel the comfort and happiness that ducky felt in the corner on the bathtub. Rick was happy to have Ducky home. Together they had lots of fun baths every night.




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