Go Greek, Roman, Italian or Mafia in Sicily.

Go Greek, Roman, Italian or Mafia in Sicily.

Picture Sicily as a fat history book with fascinating chapters. You can experience all parts in just a few days in Palermo. Here is one take on how to fall in love with one of the world’s most fascinating areas.

  1. Go Greek

Situated on a plateau overlooking the sea, with the Hypsasand the Akragas rivers nearby and a ridge to the north offering a degree of natural fortification, Agrigento was founded in the 6th century BC by Greek colonists from Gela.

The 8-hour excursion includes a short stop for a coffee (not included in the tour price) en route to Agrigento, before arriving at the Valley of the Temples. Visit the Hera, Concordia and Apollo temples and Hardcastle villa, with a guidebook that will provide more information about the sites.

You’ll have free time to decide on a place for lunch before your driver takes you to the Agrigento Archaeology Museum.

2. Go Roman

Piazza Armerina is a small town for two hours by road from Palermo. The town is famous chiefly for its Roman mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale, about 3 kilometres (2 miles) to the southwest. It has a range of significant architecture dating from medieval times through to the 18th century. The discovery and excavation of the well-preserved, highly refined mosaics has helped attract tourists.

The Villa Romana del Casale is a Roman villa urbana built in the first quarter of the 4th century and located about 3 km outside the town of Piazza Armerina, Sicily, southern Italy. It contains the richest, largest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world, and has been designated as one of 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy.

3. Go Italian

Enjoy an authentic culinary experience in Palermo. Learn all about Sicilian cuisine with a local chef and savour a 3-course dinner with fine wine.

Palermo is an ancient city known for its culture and cuisine. Discover Sicilian cuisine with a local chef on an exclusive 4-hour journey through Italian tastes.

Sample Menu

Med plate with fresh local olives
Local cheese
Panelle and crocché
Bruschette alla Siciliana

Main Courses
Pasta alla Norma with fresh tomatoes, aubergines, and ricotta salad or Pasta with melenzane, pescespada, and cherry tomatoes
Pasta with sarde
Pasta with Sicilian cauliflower
Pasta al dorno
Pasta with zucchine
Fresh Sicilian vegetables soup minestra
Grilled Mediterranean fish

Tiramisù dello chef or seasonal local fruit
Marsala or Malvasia wine

4. Go Mafia

Discover the beautiful locations in Sicily made famous by Coppola’s Godfather films, including a visit to the Castello Degli Schiavi.

On this informative tour, follow in the footsteps of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Discover the beautiful medieval villages of Savoca and Forza d’Agrò nestled on 2 beautiful hills where Francis Ford Coppola shot the famous movies.

Explore the splendid hidden corners of Sicily as you go off the beaten path. Visit St. Lucy Church where Michael married Apollonia and the Cathedral of Forza d’Agrò where another wedding scene was shot.

Enjoy a drink or lemon granita at Bar Vitelli where Michael Corleone asked Mr Vitelli if he could marry his daughter. Then, explore the beautiful Castello Degli Schiavi.

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