How To Overcome Three Key Diet Mental Resistances

How To Overcome Three Key Diet Mental Resistances

So you decided to lose weight. After you get all excited and see initial results, what often happens is that you stop dropping weight even though you keep doing everything right. In addition, there are three mental burdens that will convince you to give up.


Mental resistance is more than wanting to quit or wanting things to stay the same. It is also a hard feeling in your body that you are somehow in jail and if you just gave up, it will all go back to normal. When you work through resistance, that is when you will see real results. Following are three mental Ĺ•esistance patterns you need to be aware of when starting a diet.

1. Food Obsession

You will become obsessed with food. Food will be the only thing you think about. It will be followed by a sense that you are overly hungry. You will be urged to go to the fridge. Or you may automatically grab a snack at the party. My advice is – don’t fight it. You will lose. Instead, agree with it. Go with the flow. Immerse yourself in watching food shows, YouTube recipes, travel/food documentaries on Netflix. Whatever you do, avoid actually eating the food, just like you’d planned. The point is to satisfy the mental craving for food. It actually is a natural response to food deprivation because your psyche is making sure that you survive.

2. Stagnant Scale Numbers

Even if you do everything right, you may spend weeks without losing any weight. This will make you extremely frustrated. Maybe you’ve already created a self-image that you are the kind of person that is unable to lose weight. You’ve tried, it doesn’t work. Well, maybe three to four pounds/one to two kilograms, but after that not really. You have to know that this is your body’s natural response to a change in diet. The body is trying to preserve what it has. When you give up, you are actually missing out on a great lesson. That lesson is to learn how to maintain weight. Instead of steadily losing weight every week, your primary goal should be to not gain weight. Even if your scale isn’t reducing its numbers, know that maintaining weight is hard work. It is the one single thing you will have to do once you reach your goal weight. Just think about it, if you really knew how to maintain your weight, you would have never ever gained it in the first place. My advice is to jump on a scale every single day, and once you see you’ve gone up by one or two pounds/half or one kilogram, watch what you eat for a few days until you get back to your goal weight. Mastering this through getting to know your body may take you a long time.

3. Impatience

Impatience is your third-worst enemy. It doesn’t matter what your numbers are. You probably want it to be done now. Gone now. Already finished. You may often get a sense of wondering how much longer you need to suffer? For some people losing weight may become a lifelong goal and an important part of their negative self-image. And you will have a sense that if you just lost the weight, everything would be fine. All the negative experiences would disappear. You could wear your old clothes or you could buy a new one. You would be healthy, loved, and accepted by those around you. You would leave a better impression on strangers and people would view you in a different, better way. But time is merciless to the calls of the psyche. There is a huge trap that impatience lays the ground for. It’s dissatisfaction with the end result. If you hate getting to your goal because you have to wait so long for it, you will not be able to enjoy it. This happens because emotions lose strength over time and what we wanted for so long may seem unimportant. It is because of this that people are often unaware of what they’ve achieved so far. To avoid this, really celebrate every little victory. Throw a party, do something you love, give yourself a rest day. Whatever you decide, keep those rewards coming and don’t use food as a reward. It may trick you into giving up. Choose to have your favourite drink instead. Or a favourite hobby. Ask yourself what makes you the happiest? And then strongly think about all the answers you come up with that don’t include food.

True Change

What may seem the most difficult thing about resistance is for you to truly accept, on an emotional level, that you can have what you want and that things can get better for you. The key mindset shift is that the ‘get better’ feeling can start now. Right at this minute. Because why not? The thing is getting better for me right now. I’m losing and maintaining weight right now. Try to invoke that feeling on an everyday basis instead of feeling the dread of being on a diet. Just remember that you need to be persistent and constantly work on it. If you really want something, you will create it in the end.


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