I Can Create Anything

I Can Create Anything

This is your chance to get rid of all limitations that are stopping you from having the life you want. I’m not talking about wishing your way out of problems. I would like to point out that you already have the strength in you to achieve anything. However, you may have never ever felt it or you may have never used it. There is a good chance you will if you are reading this. The best time to tap into this strength is called no way out situations. Run your life with courage and strength, because being a chicken won’t do much for you.

Take your pen and paper and answer the following questions.

What does more mean to you? Note down the first ideas that come to mind. They are the right ones anyway. Is it more than you, your parents or your friends had so far? Is it more than other people in your city have?

More of what? Money, love, friendship, free time, vacation? Or maybe kids, shoes, good moods? More of healthy eating, exercise? What is your real choice in life? Because you know that many things in life don’t just happen. You actively create them. What are you going to create next?

How much more? If you could have anything you ever wanted, what would the number be? Give yourself what you consider a doable number of people, money, hours, items, and places. Now size your wishes down to something you feel like you can achieve this week or this month. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step.

Next, ask your body why you can’t have more. It is important for you to write what comes to mind first! Your first response may surprise you. Where is that feeling located in your body? Where do you feel limitations (shoulders, organs, thyroid)? What does it feel like?

Track this sensation for a few weeks. Log when it occurs. Ask yourself what happened (events, thoughts, people), and how severe is it? What are the stories you keep telling yourself?

Well, now you know what is in your way. Now you can see what you use as an excuse. Believe me, this isn’t a mirror image of your abilities or possibilities! This is just a construction that is familiar to you and that because of that provides much-needed comfort. So you settle. Make a commitment to research yourself a bit more. Try out different things. Trust me. You’ll thank me later. 

Next use daily visualizations to get rid of obstacles. Be consistent because you know an apple a day… Feel free to create a clear mindset and healthy habits so that your body, mind and spirit can recover from limitations. 

One goal is to expand the tense and painful parts of your body and get rid of the burden. Sit down in silence. Breathe. Find the spot that feels tense or painful. Imagine something bright and warm is replacing tension. Let that brightness expands into your body. Go about your day and do this again tomorrow. Keep in mind that this might not work the first time around. Just keep at it and I can guarantee you’ll reach results. 

Finally, do something. Even though it may seem there is no real progress, remember that even the small efforts at first will pay off eventually. Ask yourself what can I do to make at least 1% progress this week? Instead of limitations look for things that helped, that worked, and that are good on your path to your end goal. To make things visual, track whatever number you defined in how much more section so you can see clearly if you’ve made any progress. 

You can use my Online Life Planner System in Google Sheets to follow up. Look at how you’re really doing every week. The aim is to get insight and create disbelief towards your limitations. After that, you will get used to winning, getting, receiving what you want most. 

Best of luck to you! Thank you for visiting. 


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