Live Your Life To The Fullest

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Here you are. Looking to find a way to reshape your life just a little bit. Hopefully, you are looking for a way to feel more fulfilled. That means you wish to make the most of what you have and you also don’t want to settle for less than the life you are capable of living. There is a reason you wish to put on a brave face and walk all over your fears, and the reward is personal accomplishment. You will know that you are able to make it out on your own. Most importantly, you will show that your independence won’t swallow you and you won’t fall into the abyss of stagnation and underachievement.

Feeling satisfied in life?

First, you need to determine your baseline. Where are you right now when you compare your circumstances to your ideal life? If 1 is very distant and 10 means already there, which grade would you give yourself? Most people are somewhere between 5 and 8. That’s the average. Then you can see for yourself what things need to change so that you can circle the number 10. In other words, think about six major things you really want in life that will really change your level of satisfaction. Write down what you really want to have in your life. Don’t look at what other people have or what your parents or friends say you should have. Really give this answer a few days. In a few years time, your priorities might change. There is a gap between what you really want in your 20’s and 30’s. Generally speaking, you can single out 6 things you will want in your life forever. Those are the things you will cherish forever in your life once you have it. And you will never take it for granted. Having parts of your life you really cherish will make you feel rich and special, and that will add up to your overall satisfaction in life.

Next thing to do when you look at your yearly calendar is to think about how many of those 6 things could happen this year? Be unrealistic here. If you could have a magic wand and get whatever you want, what would it be this year? Many people laugh inside at this part of the process because it really is child’s play. Children wish for things so strongly and there are no limits to what their imagination can accomplish. Paint a pretty picture of how you would feel once you have it. Enjoy your fantasy. See the big positives to every wish that will forever override the negatives and the problems that come with those wishes. I say this because very often people want a better job with higher pay. They get it and then they hate it. It may be because they have no more free time to themselves or they get responsibilities they can’t handle or they get deadlines and goals they can’t reach. Ultimately their wish swallows them. Be careful what you wish for is really true. Fall in love with your fantasy and make it mean more than any hardship that is to come. It is this meaning that will give you stability in the long run and enough emotional resources to handle the stress.

If life unfolds with a meaning you will feel so much joy throughout your day. Happiness is a journey. It really is. Next, to your fantasy, you can see how you can influence some things to start happening this year. What can you put in motion or start that will let you begin your journey? If you wish to become rich, you can develop a strategy to earn a side income that you can fit into your daily obligations. If you wish to spend more time with friends, you might make a home exercise routine and replace your gym time with time you spend with friends. If you wish to become a home owner, you may gather all the information about what you need to make this happen. Surely there are steps you can take to begin your dream journey. Try to brainstorm what they are. Don’t feel discouraged if your dreams are very big and if the beginning isn’t even in your view field. For most people, this step is the hardest to take. To have courage, even if no one around you ever accomplished a similar goal, and even if you fail large and drown in your ambition, will make you unstoppable because you will demonstrate the strength to take matters into your own hands. And this is what independence and freedom really are all about. Having responsibilities is an asset only if they add to your meaning in life. If they don’t, you may fall into the depths of depression or anxiety. Now you can circle in or colour in the dates in your calendar when you expect your milestones to happen.

When you begin a large journey, like buying a house, chances are you aren’t going to accomplish it all in the first year. Maybe you wish to start to build a family and your loved one is nowhere to be seen. If your experience today differs largely from what you wish for, to keep dissatisfaction away you will need the right coping mechanism so that your fantasy doesn’t turn on you and the lack of it doesn’t become a source of frustration for you. So even though you coloured in your milestones for this year, you need to accept that time has a life of its own and that things might change. Instead of dreading the waiting game you can practice patience and still take a lot of action to get things ready when your dream comes true. When you believe that it will all pay off in the end, trust me it will. That is because you put a spell on yourself, called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your whole being will search for solutions that correspond to your wishes, and you will make good of every opportunity you get. What is important is your intention and your actions that push you forward. And going forward is what will ultimately get you to your destination. Be so proud of yourself and happy that you are on your way to your dream life.

How to plan your life for success?

Set small realistic goals for every week. Focus on what really brings in results. Forget the rest. Make sure you organise your week in such a way that you feel accomplished every week. So have a hard look at your weekly schedule. Ask yourself how you wish to feel during the weekend? Here are two different scenarios. You have so many things planned. Then Friday comes along. Your To-Do List is intact. You dread the weekend because you need to keep working. You are always so busy. Are you sure you are making the money equal to your busy schedule?

Or check this out. You have 16 projects going and many deadlines. You keep them all going at the same time and make significant progress every week, especially on the ones that are a priority. Every week you see small results, and you put even more time into the activities that bring in most results. Things you don’t need you cut out of your schedule. Your number one priority is a relaxed weekend. So you make all your big work goals by Friday. When you feel accomplished at the end of the week that is when you allow yourself to feel more joy and to enjoy life. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Write every day an affirmation that captures why you are doing this. Keep your end goal in mind. Let your heart soar and then dive into activities that will help you accomplish your short term goal.

How to plan my life for the future?

One thing you need to consider is what will add up to make you very happy? Don’t overpack your schedule, but make sure you include key things that will make your life easier in the long run. Some key life areas to point out, in general, are family, relationships, work or school, health, housing, rest, fun, travel, savings and debt-free life. You may be good in some areas, and you may struggle in other areas. Choose the ones that are a priority to you when drawing up your goals that bring in results for every month. You should at least have some idea for every area of your life. Now bad things are going to happen at some point in life. Having a safety net is what you can do to be prepared. The only thing you need to figure out is what would that safety net be for each area. Give yourself time to figure this out because it is really important. For each and every area ask yourself what will help you feel safe? What do you see above the bottom of things? Once you have a plan b or c for your fears then you will feel more carefree. Being carefree lets you enjoy your life in every moment. I guarantee you that then you can enjoy the small things in your day.

How to make a plan to change your life?

Make sure you set aside a “feel special” part of the week. Enter those “feel special” events into your event calendar so you have something to look forward to. Figure out how to make the worst things throughout your day less dreadful? You can do it first thing in the morning. Or you can find a tiny thing that you like about a chore you hate. Have a good look at your self-care efforts. What is killing you inside? Make a plan to kill it back. What will help you the most is to focus. Declutter what you don’t need, and definitely include rest and fun into your life on a regular basis. If you allow yourself to be lazy at times, then you can look forward to that and stick to your plan so you don’t have to postpone your “laziness”.

If you want to adopt a new habit into your life it might be easier than you think. Take small steps at first and see how much you can keep up with that. When you make that happen for a few weeks, and when it becomes a habit, then you can increase your activities. The key is to find your new habit enjoyable. If you quit smoking, you can enjoy how fresh your clothes or home smells. If you lose weight you can enjoy new clothes, or those old jeans you wore in high school. Another key thing is to find the right balance between your new habit and the things you enjoy, because if you feel deprived of your old habits you will lose motivation.

Life planning activities

Time block the most important things, even if it just 10 minutes per day and even if it seems stupid. Really set aside 20 minutes at a time for activities you need to do. That way you will always have time for everything. For instance, if you say you don’t have time to lose weight because you don’t have the time to workout, set aside 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to do your workout at home. This is called time blocking because you predict that you will do specific activities at a certain time of the day. To stick to your schedule, you can get it into your head how important your schedule is. Make it really a priority to push forward every day. Set reminders on your phone. You may reward yourself every week in order to motivate yourself even more. Feel how much you deserve that reward. 


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