For laundry, I use One To Rule Them All Cleaner. I put one cup from an old liquid laundry detergent container per load.

For laundry detergent and oxy action, I repurposed two old detergent bottles that I refill whenever they run out.

My washing machine is a regular front load washing machine. I put one cup directly in the drum before I add the laundry. The cycle I use is cotton 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). I lower the spin cycle to 400 (my default program is 1000). This works for coloured laundry as well as white with designs.

This is the cup I use.

To white laundry, I add a little bit of Ajax soap solution to enhance the white colour because it has Oxi Action properties.

I store the soap in a plastic container.

White Laundry Oxi Action

1 l (0.26 gallons) hot boiling water

0,5 Tablespoon grated Ajax Laundry Soap

Here is how much soap I add.

Place the soap into boiling water and mix until it melts. After it cools down I transfer it into an old liquid laundry detergent container. When I wash whites, I add one cup of this Oxi solution along with one cup of One To Rule Them All Cleaner.

This is how the Oxi Action looks in the container.

I don’t use any softener at all. I’ve found that there is no need for it. My clothes turn out soft and smelling ok. I dry the clothes on a dry rack.

That being said, I’m very happy with the wash results that this laundry routine achieves. But don’t be fooled, the laundry still needs to be prepared. Every stain and smelly armpits need to be pre-treated with the following stain remover solution.

I use a regular tablespoon and a larger plastic bowl because the product foams while it’s being made. I bought all of the plastic containers in IKEA. I also repurposed an old glass spray bottle that I refill with the stain remover solution whenever it runs out.

Stain Removal Recipe

10 Tablespoons Vinegar

5 Tablespoons Dish Soap

1 Tablespoon Bicarbonate Soda


First, I put 1 Tablespoon of Bicarbonate Soda into the bowl.

Then I put 5 Tablespoons of dish soap and mix it well with soda. I use a lemon scent dish soap that is tough on grease.

Last I add Vinegar. Once you stir it will foam. Just leave it. The foam will disappear.

After the foam disappears, transfer the solution into a spray container. I have found that this is the easiest way to use it.

So what you do is spray the stain or armpit area of laundry and use a toothbrush to rub it in.

When I’m done, I throw the laundry into the washing machine and wash it. If you have young kids or smelly household members, this may be a time-consuming task. And yes I do, I watch television while I prepare my laundry.

The only clothing Items I wash with a store-bought liquid laundry detergent is wool and cashmere items.


Equipment used

I repurposed an old small spray bottle.


Mix ½ of bottle rubbing alcohol with ½ water.

Use a glass surface cleaning cloth that doesn’t leave streaks. I clean glass, plastic, and wood surfaces with it. I’m amazed at how well it works. I also enjoy the pleasant smell it leaves in the room.


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