Roman House By The Sea – A Love Story – Part 1

Roman House By The Sea – A Love Story – Part 1

She could almost faint when her boss said she needed her for a chat. And she was right. She heard every third word while the horror and sweat stormed down the back of her neck. “…appreciate what you did for the firm…we do support diversity in this office…not so sure anymore…became less reliable for stress and attention that we require…priorities elsewhere…feel it’s best…” To save some of her dignity she left the room before that dreadful sentence was said. Her brain just froze. 


It was the worst day ever. Unlike any other bad day, that day, bad things just kept happening. For a while now she had a sense at work that something was wrong. Ever since she came back from maternity leave, her female colleagues and her boss have been looking down at her. Like she was a less worker now. Like she could not contribute enough to the firm. She started to feel redundant and a strange fear started to whisper through her thoughts. Will they fire her? Would that be their revenge for leaving the office? She was beyond worried after having three nightmares in a row. 


She slowly walked to her office and started packing her things. In the middle of it, she just stopped. She took the trash, put all of her files inside, and burned them. All she took with her were two photographs and her favorite pens. People were alarmed at her actions and she could still hear their questions about what was going on when the elevator door closed. Everything was in slow motion. She still had a feeling she could faint. 


Out on the streets, she felt inexplicably lost. Out of her mind, the best way to go seemed to be a bar across the street. She ordered a whiskey with ice. She hates whiskey. Makes her sick. But then again it wouldn’t be the only bitter thing she had to swallow that morning. Two men approached her preaching about some religion. She was so disoriented and just asked them to leave her alone. 


At that moment Betty arrived from the office and asked her if she was alright. When Betty saw her face, she didn’t wait for an answer to sit down. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”, was all she said. Betty tried to cheer her up and give her perspective, but it wasn’t exactly working. So Betty apologized and said she has to go back to the office. After Betty left, she reached for her purse and then realized that the purse had been emptied. No phone, no wallet, no keys. Just some makeup and her few photos. Oh my God. What? Are you kidding me? How can this day get any worse!? 


The panic mode in her body was intensifying. Betty paid for the drink with the money she had in her jeans, but how could she return home right now? All her cards and her keys are gone. Now she had to face that awful landlord again. Not to mention her personal banking was on the phone. 


She went to the toilet and splashed water on her face. Her makeup was half melted when she reached the streets. Then she pulled the post-it note from the pocket in her purse for the tenth time that day. It reads “I can’t tell you in person. I met someone else and she is my story from now on. Sorry for being such a dick.” Tears were all she could manage. Meet Rocca on her worst day ever.


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