Roman House By The Sea – A Love Story – Part 2

Roman House By The Sea – A Love Story – Part 2

Back at her apartment, she closed the door behind her very slowly. It felt like she lacked the strength to show the slightest amount of anger to the world. This was a difficult year for her. What happened today felt like hitting a wall. Her mother and brother died in a car crash nine months ago. From that moment on, she felt submerged under the sea, unable to get her emotions above water. There were no tears in her eyes. Only the heaviness of missing them as she tried to remember the good times she spent with them. During the day Rocca still pretended they were here and that there were important things she had to tell them when they meet. 


Although it was all a bit out of reality, Rocca played along with her emotions. That was just the way she felt. She also knew that the images of her family would fade as time passed. To say goodbye, she had to find a way to preserve them somehow. So many negative things happened today that there was just something she had to let go of to stay sane. 


The smile of her son made things better for a while. Little Peter wanted them to make pancakes together for dinner. He was two and very well mannered. “It’s just the two of us now,” Rocca said. “Ok, Mommy!” Peter jumped up and down cheerfully. He didn’t seem bothered that his mom’s new boyfriend wasn’t coming home. That made her feel a little bit better. Rocca sometimes spent too much time worrying about her son growing up without a father. 


That evening when Peter fell asleep, Roca watched TV and found herself staring at the wall more than her television. Suddenly, something was missing there. Rocca went to her closet and took out all of her framed posters. All she had to do was pick the right ones. For herself, she took Impressionism. For her mother, she picked Matisse. As for her brother, well he was always a Dali kind of guy. Rocca glued the posters to a wide wall behind her television. As she stood there staring, she felt more connected to them than any holy place in this world. 


The phone beeped. It will be her friend Sandra, who will invite her for lunch tomorrow at noon. Rocca accepted. As she kept staring at the posters, her heart finally softened. She took a deep breath. “There is nothing here for me. I don’t have to struggle here. I can go. I can use my mother’s and brother’s assets to leave. I’m going to find a new life for us. We will search for a new home. Above all, we will find a more peaceful life”. Then she poured herself a glass of wine. 


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