Stars in a Garden

Stars in a Garden

One day three stars suddenly entered the garden. They first saw the butterfly sisters who were very surprised.
How did you get here? They asked.


Mom and dad sent us to sleep but we wanted to play more. And then we got lost. And ended up in this garden. And now we don’t know how to get home.


Flower! Flower! We’ve met three stars that lost their way and can’t find night so they can return home.
Oh! We must find a way to help them. Let me ask around and then we will find the best solution.


Snail! How can we help stars get back home?
Well, stars live during the night. And during the night everybody sleeps. Let me ask the mushroom brothers if they have any ideas.
Great idea!


Mushroom brothers, good day! I need your help. How do we help stars return to the night sky? We all sleep then.
Well, when night comes, we all connect to the sky by getting tired. Then we fall asleep and let our minds wander off into dreams. That’s when stars are awake. So maybe our falling asleep will open up a passage for the stars to go home. Let us go talk to old wise trees to see if we are right.
Sure. Great idea!


Trees! Can we help the stars?
We most certainly can. The stars watch over us while we sleep. So that is when they get active to keep us safe.


Dear stars, here is what we are going to do. When we allow sleep to come we will say *I won’t fight tired eyes anymore.* That is when we will get tired and connect to the night sky. You can use our connections to return home. Please remember to watch over us while we sleep.
Alright! We promise we will. Thank you so much for your help.


Everybody’s falling asleep helped stars get back home to the night sky.


Until this day they still spend every night watching over everybody while they sleep.


The end


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