Travel to Cuba

Travel to Cuba

So you wish to travel to Cuba. An island dominated by music and dance. The unbreakable spirit of its inhabitants against all hardship. Original foods, unpolluted environment, great hospitality and adventures. Cuban food, like the culture, is an accidental blend of native Taino, Spanish, French, Portuguese, African, and Caribbean food, with a hint of Chinese. You wouldn’t believe how good this fusion tases. You can try it all in your All-Inclusive arrangements. Despite historical events, the US dollar is the currency to carry with you, and that you can exchange easily. Cuba’s tourism is known for its hospitality.

But Cuba is even more than that and it will leave a joyous footprint in your life once you leave. Imagine being in a press cooker of Cuban music, joy and positivity for the entire duration of your stay, and really liking it. You can try Cuban beer, Cuban cocktails with Cuban rum, Cuban chocolate, Cuban coffee, Cuban sugar, and Cuban cigars. It is very hard to be certain how your trip will go, but we can guarantee that you will see a world that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else in this world. Where else would you be able to ride in vintage American cars with Russian motors.

Below is a suggestion for your next trip. Feel free to browse, and maybe even book some things you are sure of. Hope you save some money to travel out of your every paycheck in order to make your dreams come true. Feel free to comment on your experiences and leave your suggestions. Click on the text/links below to find out more about each activity. To finish of your travel arrangements, feel free to use service providers listed below.

Picture this. You arrive, get the shared transfer from the airport (1 way or round trip), and settle into an amazing hotel. Then you go on a private tour of Havana with a local, and after that, you take a 2-hour classic American car tour with cocktails. Well, you are on vacation, aren’t you? In the evening you go to see the classic Havana Cabaret Tropicana Show.

The next day you can walk the trail of Ernest Hemingway or indulge in a private Cuban cooking experience. After that, you can visit the rumba gatherings and explore the Afro-Cuban religions. It all depends on how many days you plan to stay in Cuba. The third day you can go on a day tour from your hotel in Havana to visit Coffee and Tobacco Plantations, where you can even ride horses and have a nice lunch.

A day after you can take the transfer from your hotel to the city of Varadero (2 hours and 14 minutes away) where you go on a Catamaran cruise and swim with the dolphins. Also from the city of Varadero, you can visit the countryside of Cube to the beaches of Carribean sea, and even visit a Crocodile Farm. The next day you fly home with memories for a lifetime.

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